What to do before getting a spray tan?

One of the ways for beating the warm weather is by wearing less clothing. As you focus on putting out your skin on display, ensure that it has a healthy tan.

You need to include self-tanning in your list of skincare priorities to keep your skin glowing during the warm weather. Since tans last based on how you maintain them, here is what you should do before applying one.

1. Shower and Exfoliate

Dry skin and spray tan are as incompatible as kerosene and water. Scrub your body from head to toe to remove the dry and flaky skin before getting your skin tanned. Cleaning your body up ensures that the tanning formula will stick for the best results. You will not get to worry about having pale skin after applying lotion like the norvell spray tan booth.

2. Apply Lotion on Your Skin Every Day

Besides showering regularly and thoroughly, you should keep your skin hydrated by applying lotion. A hydrated skin can easily retain tan than a dry and flaky one. Choose your skincare products wisely to avoid exposing your skin to unnecessary chemical reactions. Consider using those made of natural ingredients.

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You may consider applying barrier cream, which can absorb more pigment on your skin. The barrier cream is suitable for drier areas of your body such as the knees, ankles and elbows. Failing to apply this formula will make these body parts to appear darker than usual. You can include the cream in your list of skincare products.

3. Get Your Nails Done

Wearing nail polish can help prevent your nails from being ruined by the spray tan. Consider having a full manicure to preserve the beauty of your nails. With the nail polish on, you will just have to wipe of the spray tan spills rather than worrying about them damaging your nails. Hire a specialist to do the nails if you can manicure them by yourself

4. Get a Bathing Suit

Though most people like to self-tan when wearing nothing, it is safe to wear a bathing suit when applying the spray tan. Without the bathing suit, the tan can ruin the fabric of your clothes. The suit should fit you well for you to be comfortable when self-tanning.

5. Get a Discount Deal

If you want to have the spray tan applied by a specialist, consider scheduling an appointment in time. As you make the reservation, ask the salon managers for offers they have.

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On the other hand, if you choose to apply the formula by yourself, buy products with discounted prices. Your goal should be to spend a reasonable amount of cash and get a beautiful glow on the skin.


Your chances of looking good after spray tanning lie on how you prepare yourself before getting tanned. Always choose activities or maintenance procedures that work well with your individual needs and goals. Consider asking for help from friends, family members or experts who are familiar with the entire process. Be open to learning something new every time you get yourself tanned.