Top 10 Homework Tips

Keeping it simple here, these tips are in no particular order of importance.

Get organized

Get everything you need to do the assignments in front of you. Getting up and down is definitely a way to drag on the inevitable and keep you from doing what you want to do.

Have a plan

Doing-homeworkDon’t fall for the idea that you have to do all your homework in one sitting. If your parents argue with you, tell them that they get breaks at work and lunch as well. They don’t sit at their desk for 8 hours a day doing one thing. But be nice about it.

Have something handy to snack on

Thinking burns calories just as much as running around an office. You will get hungry if you sit at your table or desk for more than 45 minutes, so having something within reach will keep you working until you are done.

Give the smartphone to someone to hide for a while

The argument against this is that you need your smartphone to do your homework, but you can have the same basic resources available on a laptop or tablet. You just can’t talk to or text friends. The idea is focus without distractions.

Learn to ask for help

Learn-to-ask-for-helpThis is a common problem for smart people because they either think they always have the answer or worse, are always expected to have the answer. Both are toxic.

Make sure there is enough space to spread out your work

Though libraries aren’t used much for research as much as they used to be, if you stop in and look around you will see a lot of large tables. Smart students occupy an entire table if they can get away with it.

Share the problems you’re having with doing homework

This is not about asking for help or complaining, but telling parents and teachers what bothers you about homework. You can say that there is too much or it takes too long to do. By sharing this you will find there are better ways to do your homework, or that things won’t change. At least you won’t be stressing out about it.

Use study groups when possible

Study-groupsThere are assignments you’ll have to do on your own, and there are times when teachers assign study groups. But if you form your own the people will likely be your friends and people who share common interests. There is no better way to learn than having a group of people agreeing on most things.

Communicate with your teachers

This may not always be possible, but teachers in general love it when a student shows an interest in the class material. You don’t always have to ask a question. Just sharing an idea helps to show the teacher you are interested.

Don’t underestimate how hard it can be

If you want to make homework much harder than it needs to be, go into it thinking it will be easy and you’ll be up and done in 20 minutes. Most people are good at some subjects, but very few are good at all subjects. There are subjects that will require you to work harder. It is that simple, so accept it and save yourself the stress.