How to Protect Your Home From Hurricane

Over the last few decades, the hurricane season has become less predictable and very dangerous when it hits coastal areas. Keeping the family safe and the property from devastating damage is often left in the hands of the homeowner and their family. In fact, the only way to make sure your property is actually protected is by proactively acting with specific safety measures before a hurricane heads your way.

A bit part of this preparation is devising a solid plan that will focus on securing key areas in and around the home.

How to Protect the Roof

If you want to protect the roofing on your home, you should consider investing in hurricane straps. The primary purpose of using hurricane straps is to make sure that the roof on the home is actually bolted down to the rest of the house. You should also follow-up with an inspection of the shingles and tiles so that they can make it through this time tighten and secure. If loose shingles and tiles are found, you can secure them by using roofing cement.


By taking these and other proactive measures, your roofing has a better chance of withstanding the fast strong winds that normally rip the roofing right off of many homes. It is important for you and your family members to seal up any areas where there are exposed wiring. By taking these precautions, you will have a chance to minimize and lessen the impact of water damage during the times of heavy rains and windstorms.

Focus on How to Secure the Garage Doors

While the roofing of a home is a primary place that needs to be addressed well in advance, it does not negate the fact that the garage of the home is a key area to pay close attention too. That said, you should start this plan by bracing the garage so that it will help to minimize and prevent any unnecessary damage. Most people may believe that the roof is considered to be one of the keys and most vulnerable places in the home.


While the roofing is an area that must be placed on the high priority list, you cannot neglect the fact that the door of the garage can be a huge problem during hurricane weather. Mainly, because the garage door can be stripped from the home. To prevent this type of damage in advance, the garage door must be reinforced with the proper materials. The materials and manpower used will help to keep the pull and push combination from becoming an issue of potential damage to the home and to people in the home as well.

Windows and Doors Must Be Secured — Add Storm Shutters to the Home

The wind and rain from a hurricane can blow right through any home, specifically when the windows and doors have not been pre-prepared for the weather. In fact, with just a little windstorm, the windows and glass doors can easily be completely shattered.


To get around these problems before an active hurricane hits an area, you can protect your hurricane doors miami and windows with the right type of shutters. Storm shutters are ideal for many different reasons including helping to spiff up the decor, while also helping to keep bad weather from breaking the panes of a window.


Hurricane weather can be a scary and devastating time for any homeowner and their family. While this weather can be a very destructive tool for anything that is in its path, there are some things that you can do to protect your family and home from rain and wind damage.

Three of the most important include protecting the roof by installing hurricane straps, securing the garage by reinforcing it with the appropriate materials and adding storm shutters on windows and doors.