Five Basic Tips For Writing Your Essay

For this first blog it is best to start by covering the basics. You can get information on this topic from 100 different websites, so what will be done here is to dig a little deeper and give you something to chew on that you can use now and 5 years from now.

Spend a lot of time on composing your thesis statement

StatementMost teachers will make some kind of recommendation on changes that need to be made to the thesis statement. Why? Because they know the student just put something together that sounded good. But if you create your thesis statement by making it the number one focus of your paper, most of your planning issues will go away and your paper will be much easier to write.

Be a bit weird

We’re not talking about you violating basic grammar and punctuation rules, but some of the best essays come from ideas that are off the beaten path. Don’t overdo it, but you might see something in an ordinary topic that has been only seen by a few people – and they were too scared to put it in writing. You will at least get credit for being original, and that alone can boost your grade up a notch.

Learn to identify boring opening sentences

Today’s writing requires you have a catchy opening first sentence tograb the reader’s attention. Just because it is an academic essay doesn’t mean it should be boring. Your ability to effectively communicate information in a way that is interesting and perhaps provocative is a skill you will develop over time. Knowing what not to write will help you get rid of boring opening lines.

Avoid getting too close to your writing

EssayWhat this means is that a lot of students get tied up in the details of the essay rather than doing the most basic thing an essay does – tell a story. If you think about the best stories you read, you will find out they were written to get you to keep on reading. You didn’t pause too long at any one place looking for the tiny details. When you read over your first draft, pay attention to whether you are writing like a bird flying or a turtle walking.

Slow down and think

Writing an essay is not a race to the finish, though most students treat it that way. It only makes sense that if you do it right the first time, even if the teacher is really anal about the little things there will be less work to be done on the rewrite – if any at all. The more mental work you put into the essay at the beginning, the less writing and rewriting work you’ll have to do later.

All these tips will help you be a better writer and avoid spending a lot of time reorganizing and rewriting your essay. Experienced writers know that preparation is about half of the actual work. Invest the time now to save time later.